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The electric bikes SH series by AVE are not only fast and sportive, their low weight and perfect handling are the best partner for your daily exercise on the way to work. By the way, professionals might want to have a closer look at our SH6s Speed Pedelec.  Our engineers managed to integrate the motor in a superlight 3 dimensional motor mount. Fixing the motor in a bucket-like wider bracket increases frame strength dramatically and protects the motor. By rotating this one-piece forging mount in each frame size to its perfect position gives us the strongest connection to downtube and chain stays. And my Dear, does it look good!

The SH series combines minimum weight and a sportive ride with low maintenance and classic comfort. The puncture proof ballontires give ample suspension, the “Big Stiffy” aluminium fork steers you out of any trouble. Once you broke in the ave. true leatherworks saddle made of naturally treated cowhide, you wouldn’t want to let the leathergrips go. You don’t have to, because the 400 Wh batteries give enough range, under best conditions up to 190 km.

The SH components are made for the daily ride in “downtown madness”. All components are solid and premium. No wobbly plastic fenders, no gimmicks. Lightweight slim carriers from Racktime, Premium lighting from Supernova, NuVinci hubgears with automatic or continuously variable, that is the way to catch some respect (and the pole position…)!

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