The electric bikes XH series of AVE e-Bikes are a silent nature ride off the paved roads, pushing your limits. No matter if it is a hardtail or our 140 mm full suspension, these bikes pull through and challenge you every second. Lightweight, powerful and handling like a dream they redefine “off road cycling“. This all-new CAD designed active 4-bar-linkage rear suspension with 140 mm travel beats it all. It combines state of the art technology with very low weight, very short chain stays, zero pedal kick back and a progressive, low ratio shock engagement with a wonderful wheel path. Together with the powerful centerdrive motor this is truly “offroad paradise”!

The zeROller guides the chain on the drive side in perfect position to the main pivot and therefore creates enough space for the long travel suspension. It liberates the suspension both from the pedaling forces and the rider’s weight! ZERO influence! By raising the front end and optimizing the bottom bracket position we created an upright integrated riding position that allows you maximum comfort and perfect control in all situations. The new set up for the steering compliments allows a slick handling with solid high speed stability. Gotta try it!

By turning the motor slightly up and raising the main pivot the fullsuspension chain stays are even shorter than these of the hardtail. You will feel the difference on the first switchback! It turns on a dime!

Range of battery load up to 190 km (best conditions (400 Wh) even terrain, ECO mode; otherwise on average 80 – 120 km).

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