IC Electric


The success of social awareness is one of the main reasons that takes IC Electric to distribute our electric bicycles. The passion for cycling and feelings of well being that we provide, combined with the conviction to understand the bike as a means of alternative transportation, reinforces our commitment to electric bicycles.


Why choose IC Electric? Our philosophy is based in offering customers quality products at an optimal price. All this is achieved through a post-sales service to meet the needs of our customers and our technical service consisting of professionals trained to solve any problem that can appear. Seven years distributing worldwide electric bikes grant the confidence of the client.


IC Electric offers a range for all needs, comfortable ride bikes, city urban adapted, practical folding, mountain bikes to enjoy the mountain.


Batteries are of last generation, lithium-ion, long autonomy and maximum performance, engines PASS system assisted pedaling,  quality components, comfort, convenience, these are the main features that IC Electric offers in all their electric bicycles.


In addition, the brand offers for you a Renew Plan through which you can get a new battery for a below market price.


When you need to replace your battery, you can contact us or your nearest IC Electric dealer and providing your sales receipt,  your Renew Plan will be activated.


Want to try our electric bicycles? Now you have the opportunity to do so,  contact us and take the opportunity!  Come to our store and test our bikes!

Click the image and download the catalogue with all the IC Electric models.


Plume : 1.169€, Mini : 1.199€, Essens : 1.199€, Efixed : 1.220€, Emax : 1.399€, Terra : 1.799€, Xfat : 1.699€, Alfa : 1.249€, Micro : 879€, Q1 : 699€

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