Electric bikes for moving without effort there are many. Folding electric bikes that occupy less space to transport them not many. But if you´re looking for a light folding electric bike, with a low weigh for being manageable and so you can take it with you anywhere and combine it with any other urban transport, you surely will end up in Flebi (Folding, Light and Electri Bike).

That´s the proposal we make to you. With Flebi, you can comfortably move around the city, beach or marina, at a suitable spedd with little effort, because the work is done by the motor. of course if you want to do some exercise, then is as easy as disconnecting the electrical system from the display control, so the pedaling will not bring any assistance or more help, becoming a normal folding bike.

Of course Flebi electric bikes are fully approved to roll on public roads without the need of any registration, insurance or drive license. Unlike electric scooters, an electric or a pedal assited bike, does not require this as long as it complies with the European standard EN15194, which basically consists of limiting the power of the engine to 250W, the speed at 25 Km/h and the operation to the assisted pedaling system without using any accelerator.

Flebi is the only European company specialized exclusively in folding electric bikes, having a range composed of several models designed to cover all needs. We have the lightest electric bike in the market, ideal for those who seek the greatest portability and minimum size.

We recomend you try them, riding for first time on an electric bike is a unique and really fun experience, and testing it will be the best way to check which one best suits your needs. Get on your lebi, the lightest electric folding bike on the market !

FLEBI SUPRA 2.0 : 1.049€

 The Flebi Supra e-bike 2.0  is the most powerful bike in the Flebi family. Its 250W allow you to move effortlessly and at high speed in any terrain and slope. It folds in a second and its system of small retractable wheels allows you to move it easily. It integrates the new Samsung battery of 11.6Ah that provides a high range at the same time that removable, so  you can load it comfortably and replace it yourself.  Equipped with a Shimano Nexus 3 shiffter and a size that allows users of almost any size.




FLEBI EVO 2.0 : 899€

The Flebi Evo 2.0 has a really elegant and modern appearance. Its weight is less than 12kg, which allows to transport it comfortably, even to carry it on the back inside the backpack bag (optional). At the same time it has the maximum legal power of 250W, which helps you climb almost any slope, and a 9A battery that provides a range of more than 35km.




FLEBI JET 2.0 : 1.249€

After the success of the smaller models of 16 “, Flebi breaks into the market of 20″ with an electric bicycle, folding and light, but absolutely unique and differential in this sector, fruit of the experience of the brand developing this concept since 2010 .
The Flebi Jet 2.0 is the only 20″ e-bike with the tilting folding mechanism to compact it in 5 seconds. Its system of drag rests on the small retractable wheels of the rack and allows to move easily.
It integrates the battery of Samsung of 11.6Ah that grants a wide rangey, and the maximum allowed power of 250W / 36V. It is very well equipped with a 6-level LCD display, Shimano 6-speed gearbox and the rest of the components are first level.
And its total weight is only 17kg!




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