MOUSTACHE : Urban – Sport – Mtb – Trekking – Road : +INFO
GHOST : Urban – Sport – Mtb – Trekking – Road : +INFO
IC-ELECTRIC : Folding – Urban – Mtb – Trekking – Road : +INFO
BENELLI : Folding – Urban – Mtb – Trekking : +INFO
GOCYCLE : Folding – Urban – Sport : +INFO
AVE e-BIKES : Urban – Sport – Mtb : +INFO
SXT : Scooter : +INFO
ZOOM 4×4 : Electric chair : +INFO

Prices of our electric bicycles :

24v 10Ah / 240Wh from 699€ to 729€
24v  8Ah / 192Wh at 799€
37v 8Ah / 296Wh at 899€
36v 10Ah / 360Wh from 1.067€ to 1.564€
36v 8,8Ah / 317Wh at 1.299€
36v 11Ah / 396Wh from 1.599€ to 1.749€
36v 8,2Ah / 295Wh from 2.529€ to 2.749€
36v 11,6Ah /418Wh from 2.699€ to 4.149€
36v 13,4Ah / 482Wh from 4.149€ to 9.999€

From 25Km/h to 45Km/h
Ranges from 50Km to 180Km 

Price of scooters, hoverboards & electric cars :

SCOOTERS : from 129€ to 1.449€
HOVERBOARDS : from 209€ to 999€
MONOCYCLES : from 399€ to 999€
ELECTRIC CARS : from 149€ to 429€


New ground in mobility

Aposta x Elèctrica is a company dedicated to the world of the electric bicycles. We have a wide range of bikes for sale and for rent, repairing service and hand bike washings without water pression. We´re distributors of Gocycle, MoustacheIC-Electric, Sabway, Inmotion, AVE, Benelli, Mecatecno, SXT Scooter i Zoom4x4 (electric chair).

These vehicles already are the future for personal transportation and leisure for their great features and benefits :

  • Low economic cost, just 0,10€ for a 50Km autonomy
  • The battery is easily removed for charging and lightweight (2,3Kg)
  • Recharging can be done in any conventional outlet
  • No need to pay insurance, gas, expensive reviews, etc…
  • Are silent
  • Zero CO2 emissions
  • Very easy to reach places and conveniently park
  • You will make the sport you want, with or without effort
  • To enjoy cycling to another level
  • Be able to take your child with you wherever

Bicycles with pedal assistance are known in Europe under the name of pedelec. Outside our country, and around this term, it brings a movement full of initiatives for these vehicles as a means of everyday sustainable transport.

Regulations applicable to electric bikes with pedal assistance (BPA) :

  • The engine power should not exceed 250w, can only operate while pedaling and have to stop at 25Km/h
  • Comply with the terms of the General Regulations of Vehicles
  • Have the approval of the Ministry of Industry
  • The directive 2002/24/EC excludes bicycles with electric assist certification standards for mopeds and motorcycles, so as the traffic rules are equivalent to over bikes as well as applicable local ordinances in each city

On our page you will find a wide range of bikes that we sell, and a section where we test and compare them.

Greetings of the Aposta x Elèctrica team.