AVE e-Bikes


AVE e-Bikes electric bicycles are the e-mobility concept of the 21st century! They combine a sustainable healthy lifestyle with our generation’s comfort requirements and balance our mobility needs with nature.

AVE, electric bicycles stands for “advanced vehicle engineering“ and was established 6 years ago as a separate unit and brand of deVELOpment engineering GmbH, to develop innovative and intelligent Pedelecs. AVE bikes are solely hybrid vehicles and not bikes with an ‘auxiliary engine’ mounted. They are designed at our headquarters in Upper Bavaria, equipped with the best of breed components and manufactured in Germany. You will feel it, from the first drive moment on.

The Electric bicycles AVE e-Bikes meet the perfection of the bicycle as a simple and effective vehicle and the additional support of the engine that makes the effort more bearable. Certainly this are not a snob or an eccentricity, as there is the evidenced by the fact that, especially in Central Europe, are now a personal transport solution in saturated cities : a cheap vehicle, very low maintenance, environmentally friendly and, thanks to the engine, ideal for people whose athletic ability to never have dared to cycle. By the other hand, there are the sports versions (MTB), especially designed for those who want to do the same sport and effort than with a standard bike, but want to go further, climb ramps that had not ever imagined or discover new tracks and much more longer routes.

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